What Are Performance Socks?

Did you know luxury socks also provide comfort and support for endurance athletes? It's true: Luxury performance socks provide structure, support, and light compression to absorb impact and dissipate pressure on the joints. There are actually many reasons to upgrade your sock game as you get serious about your athletic game. Let's take a closer look.

Designed for sustained impact

Polyester socks can be long-lasting but lack the cushioning that dissipates impact. Yet more cushiony cotton lacks durability, often fraying at the toes and heels sometimes within weeks. Luxurious coffee and recycled plastic yarn socks capture both the cushioned feel of cotton and the durability of polyester.

Maximum odor absorption

Walking, running, cycling, soccer, Pilates, basketball... It all makes you sweat, and your socks will get extra moist if it's humid out. Performance socks are designed to absorb or even kill odor-causing bacteria that can build up in moist socks, so your feet and shoes don't end up smelling like blue cheese. Plus, these performance socks actually wick the moisture right off your feet to keep them drier, preventing bacterial growth in the first place. This prevents athlete's foot too!

Prevent blisters

Sliding on your socks is fun in the movies, but for athletic use, a tight grip is better. You may have noticed how loose-fitting dress socks can be. Performance socks hug the feet, ankles, and calves just a little tighter, preventing chafing and blister formation. This also stabilizes your feet inside your shoes, helping prevent shoe blisters as well.

Compression benefits performance

Performance socks feature light compression, which provides arch support, ankle stabilization, and helps prevent shin splints. Even small deviations in the foot, ankle, and calf region can be magnified during a longer period of exercise, leading to stress injuries. Compression has been shown to minimize small movements and add support so that other muscles or tendons don't over-compensate.

Great for the environment

Polyester performance socks, along with most other petroleum-based material socks, are terrible for the environment because they will inevitably sit for hundreds or even thousands of years in the landfill. There just is no way to re-use, donate, or otherwise recycle old performance socks. Fortunately, with our luxury socks, three plastic bottles are taken out of the environment for each pair created!

Look as good as you feel

Our socks are created to make you feel special and look amazing. You'll love putting them on to exercise, and then forgetting they're there because they're so comfortable. Small batch, recycled luxury socks from 70% upcycled materials designed to improve athletic performance? Yes, please.

Socks may be a small part of your athletic wardrobe, but as you can see, they play a very important role in comfort and injury prevention. As a bonus, our performance socks are created not only to outlast endurance sports activities but to outlast many laundry cycles, too. Plus, no microplastic or dye leaching into the water supply. That's because we know how much athletes care about performance but are also conscientious about the environment, too.