What's inside our socks?

[up * cycled ] /adjective

of discarded objects or material reused in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

Made with 70% Upcycled Material

Inside Story socks are made in small batch quantities, using a patented manufacturing process that creates yarn from coffee and recycled plastic.

The unique properties of coffee make our socks ultra-soft, breathable and sweat proof, and each pair removes 3 plastic bottles from the environment.

So luxurious you'll forget you're saving the planet.

From Coffee to Cloth

Coffee grounds are collected from small, independently owned coffee shops

These coffee grounds are compressed at high temperature, to extract and remove all moisture

The compression process is repeated many times over, resulting in coffee nano particles

From Plastic to Premium

During the coffee compression process, used plastic bottles are collected from recycling centers

The plastic is slowly melted at high temperature to create plastic fiber - each pair of socks includes three recycled bottles

Nano particles are added to the plastic fiber, along with cotton, nylon and spandex, to create high quality yam