Women's GOLF Royal Blue Calf Sock

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"The coolest collab ever! I've never worn a softer sock..."  

-Taylor P, CA

This limited-edition collaboration brings together the world's greatest golf sock with the game's most trusted voice. Add flare to your game with ultra-soft, sweat-proof socks, designed for style and performance, on and off the course. Each pair has a FOUR YEAR NO-HOLE GUARANTEE - we're so confident in our premium material that we'll replace your socks FREE of charge if they develop holes within four years. And don't forget our super fast shipping and free delivery.

Women's GOLF Royal Blue Calf Sock

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18 Hole Cushioning

The only golf sock in the world ergonomically engineered to provide your feet with support in all the right places. We played hundreds of rounds, perfecting the perfect heel, toe and arch-placed compression to create the most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear on your round of golf.

Form Fitting

We tested over 50 tension levels on our patented yarn to create a snug, flawlessly fitting sock that never slips down during your round, and never feels too tight or restrictive on the foot during day-to-day wear. The end result is a golf sock with smooth contours unlike anything you’ve ever worn before.


We took the extra time to include organic coffee grounds in each pair of golf socks, providing a totally unique approach to temperature-regulation, odor-control and moisture-wicking technology during your next round. This innovative, patented COFFEE CONTROL technology keeps your feet feeling cool, refreshed and completely odor-free before, during and after your game.

Ultra Soft

We spend four times more on premium materials, compared to big box brands, to completely reinvent softness and ensure you’ll never want to take these socks off. Created for extreme comfort across all of your daily activities, we guarantee you’ll never want to wear another golf sock again.

Shipping & Returns

Enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on all orders. Delivery time is 2-5 days. We're so confident in our product that we provide a FOUR YEAR NO-HOLE GUARANTEE and 100 DAY COMFORT TRIAL. If your socks develop holes within 48 months during normal day-to-day wear, we'll replace them free of charge. And if you don't love your socks within your first 100 days of wearing them, just return them by emailing us at hello@insidestory.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are INSIDE STORY socks better than your average sock?

We spend four times more on premium material compared to traditional sock manufacturers, and put our socks through rigorous scientific tests to arrive at a product that lasts at least four times longer than anything else out there. We’re so confident in this high quality that we offer a FOUR YEAR NO HOLE GUARANTEE - if your socks develop holes through normal wear and tear within the first 48 months, we’ll replace them free of charge.

Where do all the awesome designs come from?

Our socks are passionately designed for golfers, by golfers. Playing great golf requires a positive mindset, so we hand stitch short, inspiring phrases on the base of each pair as a reminder for you - and only you - to fulfill your potential, both on and off the course.

What material are my socks made from?

We combine upcycled material (one cup of coffee grounds sourced from coffee shops and three plastic bottles sourced from recycling centers) with the highest quality cotton.

When will I receive my socks?

We’ll shop your socks FREE as soon as we receive your order, and you can expect to receive them within 2-5 days.

How do I choose my perfect sock size?

You can find your perfect sock size using our size chart. Our patented material is designed especially to flawlessly hug your feet while keeping them comfortably cushioned. We’re so confident you’ll love them that we offer the 100 Day Comfort Trial, where you can return your socks for any reason within 100 days (hint: you won’t!) Simply email us at hello@insidestory.co to start a return.


INSIDE STORY are made with 70% upcycled material

What is upcycled?

Upcycled ( adjective ) - of discarded objects or material reused in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

We combine and rigorously-test upcycled material - including three used plastic bottles and discarded coffee grounds - with the world's highest quality cotton and nylon to arrive at a sock that not only outperforms everything else out there on a day-to-day basis, but lasts four times longer than the average sock too. And we're so confident in this high quality that we offer a FOUR YEAR NO HOLE GUARANTEE - if your socks develop a hole through normal wear and tear, we'll replace them with a new pair, absolutely free during their first few years in your sock drawer. Combine this with a 100 DAY COMFORT TRIAL, and we know you'll never want to buy another pair of socks again.